What services do I offer?

Forever Lasting Nutrition offers personalized nutrition counseling. Services vary from client to client, depending on their health needs and goals, but may include nutrition counseling/therapy, personalized meal plans, recipes, food shopping guides, disease prevention and management support, and lifestyle coaching.

What do you mean by personalized nutrition counseling?

Personalized nutrition counseling entails customized health coaching tailored to address each client’s individual needs, goals, and lifestyle. Rather than prescribing a fad diet you've already experimented with or adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, I meet you exactly where you are at. I strongly advocate that nutrition is inclusive for everybody, and optimal health varies for each person. That's why I'm dedicated to crafting a sustainable plan that suits your unique requirements. Say goodbye to food guilt, crash dieting, and unhealthy eating habits, and instead, gain the tools needed to make mindset shifts and establish lasting, healthy habits!

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